Our Green Credentials

Our Green Credentials

Conservation & biodiversity are of the highest priority at Chaucer Barn.

20 acres of farmland, concrete and buildings have been restored back to nature as parkland and landscaped gardens.

The 23 year old wildflower garden has recently been updated. Not only has this extended it’s season but it has attracted more species, encouraging further biodiversity. Barn owls arrived shortly after the wildflower garden was enlarged, frequently patrolling the grounds at dawn and dusk.

In the Parkland we only allow sheep to graze in the winter. The grass is then cut for haymaking, and allowed to grow to maturity, with all the small mammals, birds and invertebrates this encourages.

Many tons of carbon are sequestered from the atmosphere each year by the thousands of native trees we have planted over 30 years. Hundreds more are to be planted each year.

We have built 5 cutting-edge eco-lodges hidden in our woods to provide additional accommodation.

Our carbon negative status comes from much investment in green technologies. A 199 kW district biomass system heats the barn & surrounding buildings.

Electricity is provided by a 70 kW array of solar panels screened by hedges. This solar array sends most of it’s electricity back to the National Grid. Another 50 kW roof-mounted array has been installed in nearby Gresham.

We grow organic and biodynamic produce in the kitchen garden, and have plans for 3-4 acres devoted to Permaculture. All organic waste is composted.