Stone Circle CeremoniesStone circle ceremonies

Stone Circle Ceremonies

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Kirsty & Jamie (from Vimeo)

Do you have a vision of a natural, outdoor wedding? Most of our guests choose to marry in a natural setting, either in our gardens or in the woods. Chaucer Barn features a stone circle near the woods which is a beautiful setting for a ceremony. There are also three tree circles you can use.


Stone circles hark back to ancient pre-Christian celebration of nature. Whilst not being for everyone, many find this space at the end of our oak avenue a deeply spiritual environment.


So, whether you have a simple ceremony, a more traditional handfasting, or just a visit, perhaps to meditate or just to enjoy the sense of connection with our ancient heritage, the stone circle can be interpreted at many different levels. The choice is yours and no two weddings here are ever the same.


Stone circles and henges are becoming more and more popular as sites to get married on. The ‘white wedding’ that we have come to associate with western weddings stems out of a specifically Christian lineage. But certain rituals in Christian weddings themselves derive from pagan ones (such as hand-fasting, or the ribbon laid across pair of hands lifted in the air).



This is an ancient spiritual tradition that took place long before weddings became a legal function of the UK government. It is an old ceremony of commitment, first recorded 4,000 years ago!


Chaucer Barn is magical, a beautiful place set in ancient surroundings, the perfect way to celebrate your wedding – and our hearts are set on making your day just how you want it!