A Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas

We want your wedding or event to be exactly what you want. We don’t insist on our own caterers or suppliers – we provide the blank canvas with which you can create your perfect day.

Tired of being told how to plan your own wedding, when to eat, what to drink, when to dance, when to go home? At Chaucer Barn, we do things differently. You have free rein to design, plan and style your wedding the way you want it. We differ from the standard one size fits all wedding – we fit in with you rather than the other way round – presenting you with a blank canvas on which to project your own style and personality.

Because no two weddings are ever the same here, we have a unique wealth of experience. You will therefore find our free-of-charge wedding service enormously helpful.

We encourage you to visit the barn as often as you like so that you can get a feel for what will be a blank canvas, you are most welcome to decorate both inside and outside to your own individual style. We try to do everything differently from the rest of the wedding industry in order that your special day is as unique and individual as you are.