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The Garden

The garden is a particular passion of ours so there is always a new project on the go at our wedding venue. Most recently we’ve been getting into Japanese ‘cloud topiary’, so-named because of the organic, rounded shapes of the bushes which resemble clouds. They go brilliantly next to the giant, sharp angled pyramids which Chaucer Barn is famous for. It’s one of the reasons why we’re members of the National Gardens Scheme. As such we open our gates to the public on a Monday each June.

Unlike so many wedding venues, we don’t demand where you have your ceremony (assuming you do want to tie the knot outside!) As part of our policy of giving you the reins to create your own wedding, we get you to choose where you want your ceremony. It could, for example, be on one of our lawns or in one of the tree circles, or by the wild flower meadow, or at either end of the oak avenue, or at the steps in front of the pyramids, or IN the pyramids for that matter! Or you could go for a woodland wedding, which are very popular. Then again, if you wanted to be nearer home you could be in the Sunken Terrace, or at the living willow seat, or way over at the summer house with its amazing view over much of Norfolk. Then there’s the pergola, of course.… we could go on but you get the picture! Within our twenty acres of garden and grounds there is no shortage of choice and the choice is very much yours, not ours.